Frequently Asked Questions

My Partner isn't interested in being filmed, but I really want a wedding film?
It takes two to tango My Dear, your partner needs to be as bloody excited about a wedding film as you are. 

Videography isn't for everyone and no one should feel awkward or uncomfortable on their wedding day, especially your partner. 

you must both be 100% confident with your investment. 

What is the difference between The Sugar + SPice Films
Our Sugar Package is relaxed and dreamy with music and romantic audio highlights.
Our Spice Package is a little bit naughty! Its busy and funny and full of flavor. There is no sugar coating

in this one, However we do respect the softer parts of your day and edit accordingly!

What is an instagram sneak peek?

It's a 30-60 second compilation of highlights with backing music delivered within 2 weeks of your wedding day.

 Our couples often use their Sneak Peek Films to announce their marriage via social media,

and get their family and friends excited for their feature film.

What is a raw footage documentary? 

Closely compared to a 90's dad cam home movie, a Raw Footage Documentary is a compilation of unedited moments

from your entire day. We compile all the Raw usable footage into chronological order allowing you to relive

your wedding day start to finish without the fancy editing. 

Do i need to book a 2nd videographer with my package?

If you want a film that is next level with multiple view points, then Yes! 

If your wedding day involves a lot of driving and various locations, then Yes! 

If you are booking a Raw Footage Documentary, then ABSOLUTELY! 

If your Wedding is in a remote location, We recommend it! 

Can we choose our music?
We invite you to share with us the style of music you enjoy, however we ask for your complete trust in the creative
process of choosing music that will not only compliment our style of editing but will assist us in creating a kick ass film for you both.

Experimenting with bold and upbeat tracks is our Jam!

If your are after something a little more rustic or romantic our Sugar Package will suit you perfectly. 

Do you record audio?

Yes we do record audio, Audio highlights are included in both packages.

However at times there may be factors that may disrupt audio quality. Some examples are, background noise, wind,

babies, poor quality PA systems ect. Because of this audio is included in your film at our own discretion.

You will not be compensated for any audio disturbances that are beyond our control. 

Can I have my speeches? 

A full speech edit is included in the Raw Footage Documentary

Highlights of your speeches are also included throughout the Sugar + Spice Packages  

Do you take photos?

Unfortunately we do not, however we can provide recommendations of some kick ass Photographers that we totally vibe with. 

Little things you can do to make sure you get the absolute best from us

A wedding day is a huge mental and physical day for us, however there are some little details you can consider to assist us 

in being in tip top shape during your big day

1. Arrange somewhere for your vendors to sit, a little space out of the weather with a couple of chairs for us to rest our feet,

store our equipment and have a bite to eat. 

2. Water! Water is so important not only for your vendors but for your guests. unfortunately its hard for us to carry a bottle of water

around while we are on the run, but having somewhere that not only your guests but your vendors can grab a

bottle or a glass of water is an absolute game changer.

3. Food, We understand budgets are sometimes tight, however we wholeheartedly appreciate a bite to eat and some time to eat.

If you plan for us to eat at the same time as you, we will be finished and ready to rock and roll as soon as you are. 

Have a chat to your caters, some venues offer a modified meal for vendors,

But honestly we would be grateful with a bowl of hot chips and a can of drink. 

When will we receive our film?
You cant rush art My Dear! We love to see your film landing in your hot little hands as soon as possible.

We pride ourselves on being uniquely bespoke and put our full love and attention into our films.

We keep our lines of communication open with you by letting you know when your film edit has started,

and provide regular updates throughout the process.

Can you take drone shots?
If the weather and flight zone permit. We use our drone shots to set the scene of your big day

rather than to film people. Filming people from the air like a spy is kinda weird.

What if our wedding formalities extend past our agreed package time?
We get it, sometimes things don't go to plan. If your formalities will run over time by more than 30 minutes we will discuss with you or your

planner if you wish to pay for additional time, which will be invoiced directly after your wedding.

What if we need to cancel our booking?

All Deposits are non refundable. We ask that you read thoroughly through the terms and conditions we provide to you

before locking in your date with a deposit.