Sugar or Spice? 

Holy Fucking Moley! 

We are both sitting here balling, you have done an amazing job, how fucking amazing! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, We loved your work before now but wow, BRB Watching it again

Mitch _edited.jpg


Righto Badasses we're going to Babe Town and we ain't sugar coating this one, Hold on it's about to get spicy.

What you get

A story led, unfiltered feature film of the biggest party you will every throw. With loud music and fast cuts, Seen and told through the eyes and words of you, your family and best mates.     

1 Videographer, 8hrs on the ground

5-6 Minute Feature Film

Perfect for over sharers with epic stories and even better dance moves 

Price starting at $4400


Lets slow things down, savor the flavor. 

We'll make it super sweet.

What you get

A heart led wedding package, highlighting the romance and emotion of your Wedding day, with softer music and slower cuts. For couples who want to marinade in the beauty that was the best day of their lives.

1 Videographer, 8hrs on the ground

4-5 Minute Feature Film 

Perfect for Couples who love love

Price Starting at $3300